I cannot endorse Earth Preschool enough. Conni has helped me reach a good level of self-awareness through a variety of approaches...meditation, reiki, individual theta sessions, etc. I plan to keep on this path with her help and my own efforts for years to come! These discoveries have led me to view myself and those around me so very differently. An outlook that's much more loving, appreciative, and accepting viewed through a lens of intent. I focus more on intention today than I ever have in my life because of Conni's thoughtful and skilled guidance and teaching. Thank you again, Earth Preschool and especially Conni!


Conni has a unique ability to dig deep and get to the root of a person's emotional blocks.  Not only are her meditations meaningful and relaxing, but she leaves you with practical, easy-to-fit-into-everyday-life tools and tips to keep the calmer feelings going.  I often hear her voice in my head in times of stress.


I went on a retreat with Conni and could not recommend her enough. Through various exercises she helped me develop tools to use in my everyday life to address both stress and achieving desired outcomes in both my personal and professional life.


​Conni is a healer of mind, body, and spirit. I've spent two retreats where she has opened my eyes to meditation and theta. I gained the most from our group sessions where our energy was the strongest. I'm looking forward to my next session with Conni next month.


Creating a Healthy Holistic Foundation

through Targeted Emotional Healing