Creating a Healthy Holistic Foundation

through Targeted Emotional Healing

​Mind-Body Boot Camp 2018
Three-Part Intensive for Health, Wealth and Joy
Conni Halffield/Andrea Carli
A Weekend of Lasting Change


We want you to get into authentic alignment for a major shift. We want you to reach your highest personal success in 2018. We believe in consistently pushing past your unique limiting beliefs to embrace your greatness. We will assist you to challenge assumptions of what your "personal best" looks like. How long have you tried to change on your own without lasting success?
Awareness (Friday Night)

Begin with Guided Meditation. Session includes: how to embrace life's possibilities; why intention is important & how to set clear intentions; mindfulness; how to live each day with purpose and passion; allowing and accepting vs. rejecting and resisting; how our "labels" affect our happiness; the core beliefs for health, wealth and joy; how to be the star of your own life. Universal Laws (including Law of Attraction) and how they affect you. 

Healing (Saturday Afternoon)

Begin with Guided Meditation. Session includes: identifying limiting beliefs, tapping into conscious and subconscious feelings; gently raising negative memories to the surface; releasing negative emotions; reconnecting to your highest and best potential; releasing the emotional charge from negative memories. Learning powerful and easy release techniques to do at home. 

Maintenance (Sunday Morning)

Begin with Guided Meditation. Session includes: mind-body techniques; learning how taking care of your body so your intuition to work at its best; how to get the most from your continuing efforts; easiest and best ways to stay grounded; remaining in the moment and the power of staying present; knowing when and how to protect yourself…and so much more.

 Questions…call or text Conni  630/215-8524

$235 per person.